Can't do unfolded Lists

Hello everyone! Broke my brain trying to do unfolding lists like on screenshot. Does anyone know is there such possibility?

I have a cloneable kit for expanding menus(will share if anyone is interested), but I think you could apply it here. Essentially each category and sub-category(or folder and sub folder) will need a Boolean property for “expanded” then use visibility rules based on that property for the current record one step up to achieve this. The only problem here will be that it’ won’t reset for each user.

Actually just thought about a way to do this. Instead of a Boolean property. Use a many to many relationship with users. Then use visibility rules based on if current record contained logged in user. On those arrows, update the current record to include or remove the logged in user.

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Sounds little weird and complicated, can you explain me how to do this?

Here’s the cloneable kit for expanding menu’s @ben1 was talking about:

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Thank you and @ben1 for your help, i’m going to try rhis!

Yeah I’m also trying to figure this out. :slight_smile: