Can't link an User to another User

Hi, I am trying to create a column (type = Relationship) in which an User will have a column that links it to another User object.

Let’s say a User has an Inviter (another User).

I am trying to render two lists:

  • All Users that the Current User has invited
  • The User that invited the current User

For the second point I kind of made it work, but I have no idea on how to do the first One…

Hi @rbr ,

Try Logged in user>invited users in filter in users collection list

Hey Yongki, thanks for your reply.

But that would only return the invited users from the user that is currently Logged in Right?

What if I wanted to check which users another person invited? (e.g. I am trying to check which users you invited).

There are multiple tutorials on YouTube with the use case of a social media app with follow/followers functionality. Take a quick search and have a look. Victor Kuzmichev & Michael Ionita both have great Adalo tutorials.

Good luck!

Great to hear that. Thanks a lot @Briggsy !

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You make another relationship for that.

Adalo is very flexible and generous for relationships, even you can have recursive relationship.