Can't login to abracadalo account

I am not able to login to my abracadalo account. I click on forgot password and nothing happens.
Can anyone help? I wanting to purchase but can’t get in

@Abracadalo can you guys help here? :smiley:


We are really sorry to hear that. Can you please give me your email account?

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Have you already logged in?

Thanks @dilon_perera and @Flawless . FYI because of your help and getting my first time app funtional and presentable I now have the funding to purchase Adalo, Abracadlo, Twillio, and whatever other software I will need to bring this to market. I also now have 2 other businesses that asking if I can develop apps for their businesses because they saw that app that you helped me with. It seems that the sky is the limit with Adalo and your support. I can’t thank you enough Have a great day


I was logged in and then logged out not i can’t login

Have you logged in with email or with google authentication ?

email. My welcome message came to my yahoo account

Ok, and you tried to log in again with the same account name and password with no success ?

Yes, I tried every password I would possible use and nothing. I click on forgot password and nothing happens

Ok thank you for the information, I will check with the dev team. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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I also checked and the Forgot Password button doesn’t do anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you guys can solve this soon! Good Luck!



Have you received an email saying that your password has been reseted?


It some how automatically logged me in but I Still want to know my password. I will need to access from another device

Ok we will retry to send you an email at

Can you also check your spams?

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We have sent you again an email

Got it. It went to spam folder. Password is now reset. Thanks so much