Why is my app icon black?

it seems my app is approved by the google play store. but for some or other reason my icon on my phone and some other devices is black… any idea why?

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It’s because you used a PNG with a transparent background. Add a white background and it should fix the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. legend!

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is this done on the Adalo side or in google play console? i see that i can upload a icon in Adalo, and in Google play console. which one is used on my phone?

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The Adalo icon.

thanks for the reply. so what you are saying is that if i change the icon in my app on the adalo side, it should change on my phone? does my phone not read the icon in play console?

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Update both, in Adalo and the app stores.

The icon that users will see on their phones is the image you use in Adalo.

The image you use on Android is for your internal reference.

But yes, keep both of them updated.

thank you. does this mean i need to download a new build file and upload it to play console for it to change on my phone? sorry for all the questions. just trying to understand all of this.

Of course. By updating it in Adalo, it won’t automatically update the icon on mobiles. You need to submit a build.

thank you so much. it seems like you are really knowledgeable when it comes to app. i have a question about price and auto subscriptions. if i have a subscription built into my app using IAPHUB, must my purchase price on play store be set to free? i think what’s happening is i am charging the user to buy the app, and then they pay again when signing up for the subscription. do i need to set my price to free?

If a user needs to pay to download, then of course it’s not free.

You set as free on the App Store and Google Play when the app is free to download.