Weird bug - unable to save App Image/Icon in any app


I’m unable to save custom app image in ‘Settings’ in Editor. I can select it in settings, and it shows up in the editor once selected. But when I refresh the page, or open the app via ‘Share’, it doesn’t show up or get saved.

I have other apps where icons have been saved. But unable to do it for new apps since Friday.

Appreciate any help.

Try copying the app (and sharing the same database), and setting the app icon there. It’s a bug, but I think if you duplicate the app, it works in the duplicated one.

If it works, then you can keep the ‘old’ app as backup and use the ‘new’ one as default

Thanks @AddyEdwin

It worked. Don’t know why, but it did.

I just got this to work this morning. I got it to work with this process.

  1. I removed the image and hit save.
  2. Refreshed the page
  3. uploaded new image and saved.
  4. Refreshed the page.

Updated the the logo/icon for my web app, I will test with an SDK later today.

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Yeah I think the key step is 1. Rather than ‘over-writing’ over the previously uploaded image, removing + refreshing would clean out any bugs.

Thanks @ben1

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Thanks, will use this in my upcoming projects till the bug is fixed

I have a workaround for the bug.
Once you click Save, reload the page. That should work.