Images not uploading from imgur

I have a CSV with 365 rows. Text is in one column and a link to image in another. The text column imports but the images do not. I tried doing one manually and it worked. It is a CSV and the column titles are the same as I named in the collection.

Why aren’t images populating? I’ve checked every link and every link is indeed linked to images!


Can anyone help?

Hi @LisaK,

I think it’s because of this limitation :

You can create a text property instead of a image property and then import and show that URL in the image component!

I just did a quick test and I see that the images don’t show up in the database when using the image property but after connecting that image property to a image component I see that image :eyes:

Thank you

Thanks. So this is what I get now:

Are you saying that once that property is tied to something that I will see it?
I haven’t gotten to the part of learning to tie it so something… as of yet…

I noticed this with the Image property. I didn’t see the image in the database view but after adding that to a image component and viewing the app I see that!

Now you can show this URL on the app!