Can't send data to linked screen

I created a simple search screen, using a text input field and a custom list. The search finds specific users.

I want to be able to click on a specific user (found through the search) and send his/her data to a linked screen. But in the link action setup, there is no data available to send. What am I doing wrong?

It’s already a list, and I’m not using a button. I know this is simple, but I’m lost. Please help.

Hi @MikesClub,

Do you still experience this issue?

You have added a link action to the list? Is it possible to add some screenshots or show this from a video?

Thank you

Yes, I added a link action to the list. The link is supposed to a) link to the Checkout screen, and b) change the value of CheckoutTestInput field (on the Checkout screen).

The list configuration looks like this:

But, the link configuration block doesn’t show any data available to send:

And finally, since this is a list of all users, I expected to see “current user” available in the “change input value” options. But all I see is “logged in user”. I’m confused about that:

My goal is to send the user (found in the search) to the Checkout screen. Am I doing something wrong?

I guess the Checkout screen is the Home screen? I think it’s because it’s the Home screen. Maybe other makers can add some info here?

Group the components inside the list and then add this change input value action to that group and try to add again current user properties from magic text.

Change the input in the Home screen to that clicked user’s ID and show it?