How do I send different data to linked screen?

I have a list of a model I call “Payment”. Each payment has a user. The list looks like this:

User full name
Payment date

User full name
Payment date

When I click in one of those payments, I would like to redirect to the user profile page. I created the link, unfortunately, I can’t change the field "Send this data to screen" to specify I would like the user to be sent, not the payment.

Screenshot from 2020-07-26 09-44-08

This would be OK if I could use all components linking the payment to the user, but they can’t. Some list components won’t work through linked models of the user if I use the payment.

So how do I send something else to a new view? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@alemangui Hi Alejandro, you cannot change what data is available based on the link from one page to another.
On the target page you can use a list or form based on different collection.
The Logged In User is always available on all screens.
If you did not see this, I recommend to have a look into

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Thanks for the answer karimoo. I know about the logged in user, but I need to display other users (the ones that made the payment). Additionally this could be true for other model relationships.

I can indeed make a list of a different collection, but the list elements do not work with nested items (their properties don’t show up in the UI).

Any chance the feature to change what is sent to a new page (to for example send a property of the item instead of the whole item) will be implemented?

At this time our data is linked and is not available at choice. The above answer is correct. You will need to link the data. You can also click on a screen name (top left) and then on the left slide bar click on Available Data. This will show you what data is missing and from where. Sometimes this is that screens link to this screen and the data is not present there either.

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