Data not available on screens it should be

Hi There,

I’m back with another issue which I can’t make sense of. On one screen it says I have linked data to the delivery screen but when I go on it now it is not showing up. It was working but is now not.

Lots of the screen uses magic text and still works on preview I just can’t update any of it. Anyone else experienced this.


Simple reason would be the link" is broken by something you added/removed. It happens from time to time when changes are made.

This has happened to me very often…

I like to copy & keep linked design elements on a “Holding” screen as back up. These elements are linked so just “holding” them in a dummy screen disrupts the linked data. Now I just keep the elements without the links.

I am sure your missing linked data has got to do with the changes you recently made. Trace your linked data from its last existing point & you will get it fixed eventually.

Thanks @eduscvs I have found the issue. I’m trying to create a new entry in a delivery collection and whenever I create it removes my ability to access current product. Weird?

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