Can't Uninstall Google Sign in or Apple Sign In

Hello everyone,

I was trying the “google sign in” and “Continue with Apple” buttons and realized they are too hard for me at this time.

I then tried to uninstall them in the marketplace. And after they show “uninstalled” they still appear as “Installed” below the marketplace area. I can’t seem to uninstall them successfully.

They are causing us to not be able to publish our app. Suggestions?

@josh Anything you “install” from the marketplace will remain in your Adalo account. If you don’t want to use the component anymore, just remove any instances from your apps.

As far as I’m aware, installed components do not count towards your data usage, they are just merely components Adalo has made available to your particular account. They do not affect your apps, data, or billing.

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Hi Josh, if this problem is still persisting please do send through a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket so we can look at this in more detail to what may be causing this issue.

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