URGENT Help Please to Remove Sign in With Apple


I have had my iOS app refused a number of times as it appears to crash after sign up. I raised a ticket and am being told that the likely reason is that I have the sign in with Apple component downloaded.

There is no option to remove it as the component is no longer in the market place.

Technical Support are telling me I will need to contact the developer and request they remove it from my “organisation” .

It has taken me over a year to make this app and I am seriously concerned about the position I find myself in.

Does anyone have advice about this please - either how to go about finding and contacting the developer or any other experiences that might help. I would hate for anyone else to find themselves in this position as it is heart-breaking.



Please note that If you have sign in with google and you do not have sign in with app apple will reject your And also you having a component download it will not go to apple that if you have the apple component into one of your screen you will have to delete it

@picolpierre1 I really appreciate your advice. I don’t have the component within my app. I do not have the sign in with Google either. This is apparently about having the component installed on my Adalo builder from the market place. I need to remove it from my add component banner. Normally this would be easy as I’d just click install on the Market Place but as it’s been removed, this isn’t an option.

Thank you though.

Did the build for the iOS went thru with no error? Can I take a look for myself please you could add me to your team: picolcomputers@gmail.com

I am more than willing to invite you but it is in Testflight only. The sign in component being on my Adalo builder (not the app itself) when I publish the app is what is causing the sign in process to crash apparently - which has meant Apple have rejected the build!!

I’ll send you the invite anyway…

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i did not see the invite

I’ve resent it but check your spam because it shows as sent…

let me check again can you put me to your team directly on the app? like in the setting and app acess

I do not see it at all being looking at my gmail

I’ve added you to the internal too…

I’ve also seen on the YouTube video for sign in with Apple that Adalo are the developers of the component so I’m really confused about why they can’t remove it for me?!?

they are but let me take a look around

Hi there. Did you get anywhere with this? I’ve raised another ticket to hopefully get another tech support person to look into it as I’m at a loss of what else to do.

I still haven’t been added to the team: I do not know if you trust me that must but if you do you could email me your password and email address cause I do not see I have been added to a team yet

I can’t give you my email access. I don’t know you at all. I’ve given you admin access at the email address you’ve given me. I just need someone to tell me how to remove sign in with Apple from my adalo creator screen. I’ve tested the link on others an it works so if you can’t help me with what I’ve sent you I’ll have to wait for Adalo. I appreciate you taking the time though. Thank you.

Yes I understand, but your problem is not understandable because I unless you have google sign in and not apple or you have the wrong service I’d apple should not give you any problem picolcomputers@gmail.com can you send screenshot cause I do not know why it is not coming thru

Add me directly in the app access section please

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