How to UNINSTALL Marketplace components

What is the process for uninstall marketplace components?

The help documentation found here,

“To uninstall a component from your account, just click the ‘installed’ button in the marketplace.”

However, when I navigate to the same place, my installed buttons have an onHover icon that is a cancel sign and the button is disabled.

The components I want to remove are not being used on any screens nor are they paid.
I am navigating to the marketplace in the same manner shown in the gif on the help documentation that I linked.


Hi @Ferret,

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This is currently not available! To uninstall a component from your team you need to Submit a Support Ticket and Support will do that for you!

Thank you

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Thank you for the swift response, @dilon_perera. Is the help documentation regularly updated? If so, is a support ticket also the place to make a suggestion to a revision?

I believe it is! Maybe Patrick ( @pford ) can add some more information :slightly_smiling_face:

I think a feature request will be good here! :

Just to inform you that this feature was there like the Docs mentioned but with the new marketplace it was removed and Adalo Team will add that again soon!

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Our of curiosity, why do you want to uninstall a component?

I am new to the platform, so I dont know if each installed component is to the app itself or my account. Either way, I would want to uninstall either to reduce unused ‘clutter’ in understanding this app and app ecosystem months from now, or to reduce the loaded code.

Yes! We try to keep the docs as updated as possible, but if you see something that needs an update, please let us know!

As for the uninstalling components, yes you’ll need to submit a support ticket for that. The reason we do this is to keep makers from accidentally removing paid components from their account.

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