Loading Issue with 2 Image Upload (Form->Field)

So I’ve been having this issue where with 2 Image Uploads (each different Field in a Form), the upload speed plummets to about a minute for each image.

I’ve tested this with about 20 friends with different phones and about 80% of them had this issue.

With 1 image, it takes 2-3 seconds to upload.

Can someone tell me why this is happening? Images are all taken from their phones (not super high quality).

(screenshot attached as a reference)

See: Image load time and size for camera uploads

wow thank you for prompt response.

do you think the photo upload’s slow because photo file is too big? That never crossed my mind since it’s just a photo…

Size of the image definitely matters for upload time. Did you ever notice the Preparing when uploading a video to WhatsApp or the small size of a image you sent on WhatsApp when you download it to a drive? That is basically the same. Unfortunately we don’t have yet the option to influence the size of the uploaded files in Adalo.

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