Upload photo from android s21 takes around 5 secs and more

Hi, appreciate any advise on uploading photos to adalo using an image collection (adalo). In a adalo form whereby user can take a photo, it took generally 5 secs or more to upload that image from an android S21 and sometimes the form even hangs…

i am on adalo professional subscription currently and the image collection has just a column of Image type. as for the form, i am using adalo form for user to choose an image or to take a photo from the phone camera.

How can i speed up this process of uploading (probably in 2 secs or lower) and ensure the adalo screen doesnt hang?

thanks in advance

Open a ticket, I have a cliente with the same problem…

The image picker is flawed imo.

It’s a while since I looked but I don’t think the process changed.

Before you can submit the form in question, the image is uploaded to Adalo’s Cloud providers, compressed, stored in the cloud, then downloaded into the image picker component with it’s new meta data and URL, then finally you can submit the form.

So upload a 15MB photo
Process compression
Create meta entries in their backend
Download a copy back to device of 2.5MB along with associated meta
… that all takes in excess of 20 seconds. Even before you have submitted the form.

Then even if you don’t submit the record to your own database the file persists on their servers and there is no way to delete it.

It would be much better to compress the photo on the device prior to upload, say to 2.5MB or even lower if we choose, then only download the meta data, no need to get the whole file.

OK I’m submitting this to the request roadmap. Please UPVOTE.

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Thanks for the info. I just upvoted the feature. How long would it take typically for the feature to be implemented?

Is there any alternative methods i can try in the meanwhile such as preventing the upload from hanging as this app main point is to take photo?

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You can try the camera component at https://itsmi.store/

It was buggy when I tried it so I stuck with the native image picker.
The workaround I had was to have the user take the photo first, that way the image continues to upload / download whilst the user is distracted filling out any other fields.

Don’t hold your breath for improvements to the Adalo component.

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