Can't use airtable attachment url for displaying image

Hi, all.
I am very new to adalo.
I would like to use the attachment feature of airtable to display an image in adalo, and I tried to specify it by URL, referring to the following link.

However, the list of URLs was only field > attachment > size and thumbnail, and the selectable items were only sum|average|minimum|maxmum, which had nothing to do with the URL.
Do I need to do anything special to get the URLs to show up?

This is because, you’re trying to use the entire airtable collection in a single image and not a list.

You’ll need to access this from the list to be able to see the URL, else it will try to summarize the column data for you and give you the possible outputs as you’re showing in your screen.


Ahhh… That was too basic.
Now I tried and it no problem.
I’m sorry to bother you.
Thanks a lot!

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Have the same problem. But unable to execute from what you’ve mentioned. Could you elaborate on how to add the image url from the list?

Airtable data is a list of rows, you cannot connect a list to a single image item.

You’ll be able to access the image url only when you use it in a list. Otherwise you’ll only see Summary values as shown in the screenshot above