Image URLs -Displaying

The only Help on this seems to be in regards to Airtable.

I imported a text field containing a URL for my Listings collection. I constructed valid HTML to display the image in the Body field of Card List, but it does not render the image, just the HTML.

What’s the general workaround for this? Custom List seemed promising, but appears to be completely broken, only rendering the first record with either No Maximum (records) or 10000, and NOT rendering the Image component added to the list with the magic insertion of the image_url field. Granted, they are just dummy images like but it would be nice to see them.

I want to display the image at the URL in my image_url field.

I recommend you have a look into and the getting started videos in general.

@wonky when using an image component, there is a URL field

This will allow you to use magic text to insert the link of the URL for this image.

Thanks, guys. I did put the image component into my custom list, but got no image, even though I can paste the URLs into a browser, and they work. Will check out the video, but it is fairly simple, just appears broken, at least for my collect ion, these URLs, something.

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