Can't use sent data as filter

I’ve attached a video explanation of the problem, but i’ll try to write it out here as well.

I’m trying to filter a list of DAYS, using data sent to the screen.

It should work like this:

  • On page 1, I click on a WEEK. This week has a start date and end date.
  • When I click on a week, it links to page 2, and sends the Current Week data to that page.
  • On page 2, there is a list of DAYS. I want to filter this list so that only the days whose dates are within the current weeks start date and end date appear.

The problem is, when I am using the filter, I have no option to compare it to the Current Weeks dates. It should be there, as I am sending the data from the previous screen.


Video: 2020 08 29 10 17 32 - YouTube

Hi Jason, thanks for the video it helps a lot at quickly assessing where the problem may be.

From the video there I can only assume that the current week data is not being sent from somewhere else and therefore it is now unavaible in that screen.

If you check on the screen properties (by clicking on the title of the screen) there is an option called “available data” which will show if that data is missing from another screen and which screen that is. You will then need to go to that screen and make sure that you are sending the data with that link, or remove the link entirely.

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