Taxi APP creator

Hello, community!!!

I`m Bogdan, and I really love what I see on Adalo. We love the interface and what you can do with this app builder. :heart_eyes:
I would like to ask you guys if you can help me to create a basic Taxi App:

I`m stuck at the process of estimation between the pickup point and drop off locationsā€¦ Any idea if we can solve this issue or any template made for the taxis apps?

This is possible, but we donā€™t offer GPS positioning at this time. So calculating exact location isnā€™t available. You could set the points on a map from the pick up and drop off and perhaps use a custom action with some type of API to determine the distance.

Im not really sure how to do it... Im able to pay if someone can`t make this taxi app for me.

@p3bogdan We offer our Adalo Experts program with vetted and verified freelancers/agencies who are well versed in Adalo and would be happy to help you. Check out their profiles and submit your request!

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