Cart issue, The name of product has more than 1 line in cart

I am new in Adalo and i need your help!
I have an issue with cart. When i add a product in a cart and put some quanitity i have more than 1 line of this product in cart, but i need only one line with number of quantity.
Could you plese help me, and sorry for my english!

Thank you an advance!

Hi and welcome to the Adalo forum!

When the user adds the item to the cart, ask them the quantity they want to add. That’ll prevent multiple line items.

Depending on WHAT they’re adding, you may want multiple line items. If they have special requests for certain items, you’ll want them to be different and not just a quantity.


Thank you for your answer, but I don’t need multiple line, I just need one line with name of the product and quantity on the same line.
You can see on the screen, that user put 3 units of product, but there are 3 lines in the cart.

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