Creating Quantity Number Count in the Shopping Cart Screen

Hello Adalo Community,

I am creating a delivery service app and I am having trouble with the shopping cart screen. I am trying to create a quantity number counter and a “-” and “+” sign to adjust the quantity before checking out. Also, the product information is not displaying correctly and is just blank. I am not sure if this is a database issue or something else. I am new to using Adalo and would greatly appreciate help fixing this.

Thank You

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Hi @terryancekyle ,

There is a course for that,
Food Ordering or
Create a Robust, Flexible Shopping Cart System

If you need another example, I have it here.

Basically, there would be order detail that have quantity that you can adjust and it is different than product collection, and if you wanted to appear in the product screen, you could use nested list, it is in the example of quick ordering.

Hello @Yongki ,

Thank you for replying. I have already completed the course for creating a shopping cart system and followed the steps for the databases correctly but I am still not able to fix the screen for product information and quantity.

Your cloneable app that you have created is a great example but I am trying to fix what I have already built without having to start again. The order details I have are not displaying and are just blank along with the order quantity.

Could you or maybe someone from the community take a look to see what is causing the issue so I know and maybe prevent something like this from happening again?

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Try start with the cloneable app first and fill what is missing, you can have easier time by adding features on top of that.

If you keep hitting wall with existing app, starting over is probably faster than fixing it, unless you already have big app.

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