Category pages with external collection

Hello, I want to create a “category” page on my app where the user can select a category (say Startup, using the component “Image List”) and on the next page the user will only see the articles with the Startup category.

I have created 2 tables in Airtable: one with the categories that I have linked to my main table which includes all articles. I have added one or 2 categories at each article. The table with the categories nos display the titles of all articles attached to a specific category.

When I want to create a category page in Adalo, I did create the category page where they are all displayed but when I click on one of the category, I have no idea what type of parameter/filterByFormula or list I have to choose to only display the articles of the category. Spent hours searching in the forum but can’t find the solution. Maybe someone can help? Many thanksCapture d’écran 2021-04-30 à 16.11.10

Hi Florent,

This might help you.

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Thanks @James_App_Maker. I have read these pages but can’t figure out what to do on my category page to only display the articles of the category that has been clicked by the user :frowning:

Found it, I was using a wrong “list component” apparently, one that didn’t work but now it’s working. Thanks a lot.

No problem. :slight_smile:

tag me if you need any help again.