2 filters on the same list using Airtable data

I have managed to create a category page to only display content when the user click on a specific category. On another page, I have used a filter to only display the content that have a “status = live” in Airtable.
I need to add the “status” filter to the list on my category page and thus have both filters. Each of the filterByFormula I have used work separately but they do not work together. Should I create only one filter and if so, how? Can I have 2 filters on the same list (that are different as they do not target the same column or info on Airtable) ? The goal is to only display the content with the clicked category from the user that always have a “status = live”.

Hi @J_Begoood,

Did you try to use AND filter from Airtable in a single Query Parameter?
Something like: AND(({Categories}=‘usercat’),({Status}=‘Live’)).
I may be mistaken in a syntax - can’t test it right now.


Hi @Victor I have tried and it’s working :slight_smile: thanks a lot

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Hi there, did you use external backend for the data? Can we use this method of having 2 filters using database available in adalo?