Certain components cannot be typed properly in Japanese

I can input appBar and text(simple) without any problem, but when I type Japanese words for buttons and placeholders, the conversion does not work.

What happens? Could you post a screenshot?

Sorry for the delay in replying.
It seems to happen regardless of components, placeholders, etc.
I’m typing the letter “A”. It’s the A key on the keyboard.
The placeholder has six letters typed in, but I actually typed in three letters.
When you type a letter, one letter is inputted, when you press the second key, two letters are inputted, and when you press the third key, three letters are inputted.
In other words, the last character typed will be accumulated.
First time: 1
Second time: 1 + 1 (previous character) = 2
Third time: 1 + 2 (previous character) = 3
Total: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 characters
It will be.

And the command to be converted will be fixed to the upper left corner.

I forgot to reply to Colin.

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