Resolved thank you

I bought 4 components from They installed 1 and are missing 3. It has been well over 36 hours. It says they are supposed to install in 24 hours.

I been emailing constantly for 48 hours. No response to any emails or form contacts. I even called their phone 3 times and left a voicemail. It seems there is no one working there.

Is this company legit? Does anyone know someone from this company?

They legit. @Michael will get to it. Things happen in life. You were not scammed.

Thanks @TKOTC

Hey @trble, Yeah we’re legit. Sorry for any issue. I’ve gone through and reinstalled the components for you. Make sure to refresh your browser, you should be able to see them now. If there is still an issue or you have other questions feel free to DM here.

We are currently on Japan time and components have to be installed manually which is why we say 24 hours to install (36 is too long though so I definitely understand reaching out.) Sorry again for any issues.


I see them now. Thank you! I want to request that you allow the input validator button to change height size. Right now you can only change the width.

Ah, I see. In your email, you said “width” so I was a little confused by your question. You can disregard my email response.

Regarding the height, you can change this by adding Padding.

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Thanks. I had some other issues I need help with but I emailed you.

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