Change Font Color Programatically?

I am currently pulling from a third party API and populating an external collection that I am displaying in a list. I wan to dynamically update the font color of a property to be red or green depending on a positive or negative value. The struggle I am having is that the value I am needing to trigger off is a custom formula based on values from the api and not something passed over directly.

You could consider doing conditional visibility in such that you would have the two text properties in their designated fonts and then have them show based on the value from the API.

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  • I am pulling in two values from an external api via an external collection. Lets call these values A and B.

  • I am then adding a text field in that uses the custom formula option to do some math with these to formulas. So my text property has a custom formula that is: A/B*100-100.

  • The new value, lets call is C, does appear visually in my app. It appears as both positive and negative numbers.

  • My struggle is that the value of C is not passed over from the API, nor does it exist in a collection that I can create a visibility rule for.

You could an a text input component that is set to your Value C and then set up the visibility condition based on the value of that form input.