Any CLEAR fonts for a DARK LIST Compo.?

I am trying to figure out if LIST Component could display a Dark background …along with clear Text (…white or yellow) but as far as i can see, I do not find the feature to change Font color within the List properties…
Any clue how to achieve this ?

…Posted a request here (meanwhile) :ambulance:

Currently, you have to use a custom list to be able to customize the font color.

Trying to add a new custom list …(below the existing Simple list)
but facing issue with the IDJ display property, IDJ value return “empty” (before forward arrows)
while in Simple list, same formula returns the correct “previous ID” that is : “6” <=

Capture d’écran de 2020-07-10 14-37-05
Capture d’écran de 2020-07-10 14-36-36
*clicking custom list “button” returns empty results.
*While in simple list, the previous record gets displayed correctly…
:thinking: :thinking:
Is there any problem trying to use Both List types on a single Screen ?

@ben …For some reasons with the new Custom List, I can set the ID value to appear now but I do not have access to Change the criteria to the new Input Value / Current Journal…making this custom list unable to provide a replacement solution to the Simple list…

Capture d’écran de 2020-07-10 15-53-07

Any idea why its not offering the “current” journal access?

Thanks :thinking:

I can’t quite tell from your screenshot, are you looking under the Form Inputs submenu?

*with the Custom List compo, you can change Fonts to Bold and other colors
but with the Simple List compo, you have not much choice, and if you set the Screen background to Dark, Is there really a menu for those fields to set all Text values to white/yellow display ? :thinking: :thinking: