Change in dropdown does not trigger refresh of list

I am using the following:

  1. A dropdown menu to filter on a location.
  2. An input field to search for names, phone number etc.

The data for the list is coming from Airtable.

The issue is:
If I type in a search term the list is filtering immediately.
When I change the Location in the dropdown, nothing happens (no refresh of the list) until I trigger a new search from the input box. When the refresh is triggered both filters are applied.

@Ben @jeremy @ashley I consider the missing trigger for the refresh a bug, but cannot choose the category here :wink:

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At the time -or before - you enter the Search term… the Location combo, would also need to be cleared too but is there any automated method for that ?

No, still no method to invalize/clear.

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Hey @karimoo this is probably an issue on our end. We can look into getting this resolved this week.

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