Filtering for Airtable not working with Magic Text

@Ben @jeremy @ashley
This filter is working:

This one fails, delivering all records:

Something is wrong with the parameter send to Airtable when Magic Text is involved.
I know you are busy with the rollout of the Component Marketplace. But this BUG is making Airtable connections almost unusable.


Thanks, the team is doing some testing and see if they can see if/what the issue may be.

@karimoo @ashley
I was just able to get a filter to apply to a list of an airtable collection using magic text. Can you send some more information about your setup in Adalo?

It’s not working with multiple magic text inputs. And there have been times where I can get a single magic text input to work, but sometimes it doesn’t. It also doesn’t work at all for a list within a list.


Can one or both of you please send me a video of where this happening along with which app and screens are having the problems so that I may take a look at an example? (Preferably one where there is only one Magic text component)

I will look into the list in a list problem as well as with multiple magic text inputs.

Patrick, what’s your email? I will send you a Zoom invite.

I’m not that scary to talk to in person or on the phone :slight_smile:

@patrick @bgschust @ashley
I guess I figured it out.
In my example I used:

  • Screen 1

  • Screen 2

The Challenge
I now have TWO Current Simple.
When I click the Magic Text Button, I first see the one for the list I am trying to filter.
If I select Current Simple > fields > Name from here, I have an invalid selection trying to filter the list with itself.

I have to scroll down and find More… Current Simple > fields > Name
So it all depends on selecting the right context. This “Current duplication” typically also shows up for Lists in Lists.


Lesson Learned

  1. We can have only ONE filterByFormula. Airtable does not except this query parameter twice. To combine multiple filter we have to use AND, OR in a single query parameter
  2. Choose the right context when using Magic Text.
    The first “Current” refers to the list you are going to filter and is usually the WRONG one. Look for “More…”
  3. Filtering on Lookup Fields/related tables
    Do not use the airtable id. filterByFormula expects the Primary key of the linked table, which is usually Name.
    When adding Lookup fields in Airtable always add the Name/Primary Key.

Choose this lookup_name field for filtering:

Do you have an example of where you were able to pass in multiple inputs/filters into one filterByFormula? I regularly go to “More…” when selecting options but that hasn’t fixed the issue for me yet.

@jeremy @patrick
Could people stop working on the live version because now a bunch of my input fields are missing in my primary app. There should be more compatibility testing before features go live.

@bgschust One Example I have:
Combination of Dropdown Menu and Search:

According to Airtable API documentation any formula with Airtable syntax should work:

@bgschust The combination from the example works from Airtable side, but there is still an issue under investigation :wink:
See: Change in dropdown does not trigger refresh of list

I’m pretty sure I’m running a different version from you and most people because a lot of my stuff breaks and crashes. My input fields disappeared.

The math (sum, avg, count) etc. was the main thing holding me back until the input fields disappeared.

What browser are you using? I am using Chrome.
And as they are doing continues changes, the usual suspect: Browser Cache??

I’ve used both browsers. Firefox works better when I load Adalo in it than in Chrome on my system. I have Windows 10 running on a Lenovo E series laptop. The problems I’m having don’t seem to be related to the browser cache.

But I will reset my router and wait 10 seconds if you want me to. JK, I wouldn’t actually go that far.

@karimoo I believe the issues here are most commonly caused by using data that’s not yet available.

For example if you have a home screen with a filtered list, and the filter includes something from Logged In User > name, then we’ll have to load the logged in user first, then load the filtered list, based on the response that included the logged in user’s name.

Right now, we’re requesting all the data at the same time, so Logged In User is not available by the time we try to load data from Airtable.

We are working to solve this issue, but unfortunately it’s a bit involved, and may take a couple of weeks still before it’s fixed.

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