Change payout descriptor stripe

is there a way we can take out the word “ADALO” from the Stripe payout descriptor or edit the payout descriptor?
It’s going to confuse customers when they receive the payout as they forget we use Adalo.

Thank you

Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 10.21.11

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Where exactly is this text referenced?

On the first payout email sent from stripe

It seems we are currently only allowing a setting for the first part of the descriptor and not the second part (descriptor suffix).

I will let the team know about this and see what we can do to add that as an option.

However, previously when this was encountered, the user contacted Stripe and had them set the statement descriptor which is found in the settings > account details of their strip account under the Public Business Information.

thanks. Just to clarify: this is what the provider/developer of the app sees. Not the user who buys from the app.
But as we develop apps for others, it’d be useful if Adalo doesn’t show up as the providers will not recognize the name Adalo

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