Stripe Payment Not Working

My users keep getting this error and I cannot identify the issue. My stripe logs do not indicate any problems. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue?

It’s a huge problem for me.

Update: The only thing that may be causing this issue is:
“cvc_check”: “unavailable”,

But this is out of my control and would point to the component being deprecated.

Does anyone know if the stripe component has been updated and I’m running a legacy version?

Hi Alex,

I haven’t heard anything about the stripe component, I think it’s best to submit a support ticket.

Please when you hear back reply here

You experiencing the same thing? Anything you can add to help with troubleshooting?

Yes i am experiencing this issue, i asked adalo about, and waiting for them…

@anon78309838 @Jake

I’m also experiencing this issue as well. Hopefully a quick fix.

any update from Adalo yet?

They told me that it may be because I had the Stripe payment in a list but for this specific use case it was not in a list so I don’t think that’s the cause. That’s all so far.

I’d encourage everyone experiencing this issue submit a support ticket so they can understand the use cases that are causing it.

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Are you in Europe?
This might be because of DSP2’s strong authentification. I had similar issue paying Adalo with one of my card, I had to use another one

I believe they are working on this

US-based. All users experiencing the issue are in the US too.

Did anyone hear from Adalo or Stripe on the issue? I have a ticket with each, and it’s been radio silence for a bit now.

I believe the issue is with the stipe adalo component. @marklive mentioned it seemed like it was doing everything but executing the charge.

Looking at the Stripe logs in the past that has worked, the API requests are as follows:

  1. Token
  2. Customer
  3. Charge

Now looking at the time of the issue, it looks like this:

  1. Token
  2. Customer
    (No charge)

Here’s what my Stripe logs looked like with the issue:

Here’s what I’m trying. I know this is kinda crazy, but it’s worked in the past when I’ve experienced random unexplainable adalo errors.

  1. Copy the shit that’s not working
  2. Delete it
  3. Paste it
  4. Pray for the best

I’m not joking. This has solved a lot of issues for me in the past.

The stripe issue hasn’t been present when I personally use my app. I don’t think it’s with new customers because the users that have had the issue have made payments in my app before, but none the less it works for me and not for my users (which might be more frustrating than it not working at all due to the uncertainty).

Long-winded way of explaining that I’ll need to have a test flight version approved to see if my crazy fix worked since it’s working fine for me.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated…

P.S. Adalo is awesome. I really appreciate the amazing platform they built. Without Adalo, I’d never be able to bring my idea to life.

Thanks, still have no update from the team.

Nice work. Hope it’s a quick fix.

I had the same issues with Facebook API’s. They would change daily without notice thus daily monitoring of my tool.

Still not working. My app has been entirely out of commission since this started. Adalo closed my ticket with no resolution. :pensive:

On the good side, I still have a day job and am not financially reliant on my app. Although this will be a tough one to bounce back from.

If anyone has any luck please keep us updated.

That sucks. Can you use the in-app component and move out of stripe? It has both google/apple pay in it.

(Edit: sorry this is long winded, but I posted in case anyone wants to try doing this)… I gave up using Adalo’s Stripe component and did it myself using the instructions here: Live Stripe Connect generate blank screen - #2 by sKuD. Basically there are four steps. But then you need to round-trip the checkout link to Integromat because Adalo can’t handle the URL encoding.

Took a while to get working, but it seems to work fine, at least in preview mode on a browser and you don’t have to rely on Adalo’s components when they stop working. I get a checkout link, customer can enter credit card info, and it’s charged. One thing I will say, is you really need to learn the API docs and how all the fields work. The good thing is you can play around a lot in test mode until you figure it out and Postman helps for testing different things too (One caveat is I haven’t published this app yet, I just assume it will work as an app, but I haven’t test flighted it yet).

Here are my steps (I create a customer in stripe if customer record doesn’t have a Stripe customerID already, then update the customer record in Adalo with the Stripe customer ID, but you don’t need to do this. Also the final link to payment successful will eventually be the return URL passed to Stripe (using Deepish Linking - hopefully it works):

You can also use Integromat to listen to Webhooks if you want to get successful charges or invoices back into Adalo. There’s so much you can do if you get to know the APIs and Integromat.

Also Adalo supports sucks. I haven’t had a response to any ticket I’ve created even though at least one of them is show stopping bug and I had to abandon another app because it just stopped working and no one from Adalo felt the need to respond.


wow! It looks like what I’ve been trying so hard to find! but it also looks woefully difficult :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: did I get it right that this method allows you to update logged in user record when he make a purchase in Stripe? does this way include SCA?

A lot of trial and error to get it working, that’s for sure. The problem is that Adalo doesn’t support custom code, so everything has to be done via APIs.

I’m not supporting SCA (hopefully won’t need to in the US anytime soon), but I believe if SCA is handled by Stripe, I think the checkout page supports it. If you need to redirect to a bank’s page, then I have no idea how it would work (and would likely involve more webhook integration I think).

Thanks for sharing. I use a similar process to onboard users onto stripe express. If it’s a c consumer app, prefilling information really takes some of the pain out of onboarding users on to connect.

Hoping for an adalo fix for the payment portion soon. Implementing a custom checkout sounds brutal.

Seems like this is a pervasive issue for a lot of users. I’m curious if it’s working for anyone rn. @James_App_Maker, any word from Adalo?

Maybe there’s something in my stripe connect settings throwing this off?