Couple Questions About Adalo, Please Help Clarify This!

Hello There , Its Abd Again .

Im all Set now to roll in and start building and sell apps , but before that I only have 3 questions left and want to be clarified about them .

1)Is There a Multi Language options for the apps ?

2)When I build and sell an Ecomm App , when I reach to add the Stripe payment method I need to add the business owner Stripe account right ? and same applies when I add it to the apple&google store?

3)How the business owner will get notified after an completed order , in order to proceed to deliver it ?

Hope I get a clarification soon enough , Thanks!

You can use a push notification configured in the button checkout/payment, or use custom action to send email or SMS.

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Thanks a lot !
So the business owner must have an Stripe account too right ? in order to add his into the stripe market place?

Thanks for replying ~
i dont want to work with another platform than ADALO , so i guess i can wait till they update and add multi language option

Hello, with respect to ecommcerce, it always depends on how the owner of the app has developed the business… sometimes everything is paid in a single account and the admin pays the business discounting the commission.

Regarding the notification, it is by means of trigger or mail…

I invite you to see the order template that I made that can be adapted to an ecoomcerce!

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Here you can have an idea how it works, you would be the marketplace and your sellers, would have seller account and use your Stripe app.

It’s always good to try to pay the commission immediately, as if you are keeping money on your side for some time and only paying later has a lot of VAT and legal compliance behind.

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Yeah i emailed you already bro , im gonna buy your Template this week ! i hope when i get to Stripe thing or any help needed when im remodeling the template youll be there to help :pray:

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Thanks buddy a lot , and appreciate your advice !

i checked their web out , so lets say the business owner wants to have online payment and we made him an stripe account , stripe will charge him monthly 2Euro for every active user ? active user mean the user who make a purchase or what ?

Well , i just now tried to create account to see for myself , and my country doesnt exist in the list at all , i thought it wouldv been there!
In this case , should i search another nocode app builder or is there any other ways for online payments with Adalo ?!

Hi @AbdKh ,
Ah that sucks, well another app builder depends, there can be another payment provider. Check Adyen, if it has your country? The issue is that Stripe is native integration with Adalo, for others you need tweaking, but I work with other no code builders, and majority is all around Stripe, but it really depends on the country itself.

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I have found the companies and programs that works here in Israel , but the question is can i link them and integrate them with Adalo (with API) or Adalo just works with Stripe ?

Adyen is Available in israel too , besides the other companies that iv found, but can i integrate them with Adalo ? thats the real and final question for me now .
Coz if not u have to look for another app builder fast @JL_LJ @Santiago

Hello, in several countries we do not have a stripe and we use payment gateways through the API…
For example, we have an app where you can place orders but the merchant is the one who collects, that is, the customer pays you when you withdraw, they send the order or after payment with the merchant’s payment methods … then the app earns on 7 % of each CONFIRMED order… at the end of the month, see the report of how many confirmed orders, the total and the percentage to pay… if they don’t pay, you put the business as off, so it doesn’t appear in the search engine! the idea is always to look for alternatives to reach the same goal.

Benefits of this form? that if there is cancellation there is no need to make refunds, that you do not have commissions for payments, you only earn the confirmed orders!

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Cool ! Thanks for Replying , So now i can buy your template and Integrate for Example Ayden Or Payplus Through the API with the Adalo App?. Sry for my questions but i want to know everything and to make sure before i start the subscription plan and buying ur template . @Santiago

Hi @AbdKh ,
It will depend on you want to do the checkout process. Adyen has 3 different checkout processes, being the easiest one, the URL one, where you can forward the user to their own page and make the payments.
Another option is using the API where you can make several calls to process payments, but this one I would say is a tough cookie to crack with Adalo.

Adyen Payment methods

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Alright thats great news ! means i can work with Adalo , Is there any chance to find a Video on how to do the URL method with Adalo? i mean i need to just add a regular button and trigger it to URL from Adyen or how ?
i hope i can find A Tutorial video in the link you sent !

And Thank you so much bro , you were very helpful appreciated ! @JL_LJ

and @Santiago Do you know how to do that ? the URL method with Ayden coz if yes youll save us time and i can buy your template now to start working on it bro ! hit me up Here Or by email please!

Hi @AbdKh ,
This is the one with “URL” called “Payment by link”: Pay by Link through the API | Adyen Docs

It sill uses a couple of API requests, but the payment process happens in Adyen’s page, so no need for server-side library and too many API requests as the API process would require.


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