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Hi there,

I’m facing an issue and i’m not sure if adalo can do what i want :

i have two buttons and two graphs that both represent one of my database collection.
I want to display each graph when one of the button is clicked (see picture), but I can’t select the element (button) when I check the visibility of both my graphs.

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I hope one of you will be able to help with this, to help on the understanding of my issue, I created a second adalo screen to show what I want my buttons to do when clicked :

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Thanks !!

Hi @Maxence are you saying if the user clicks the button the graph should have to display?

@Maxence u mean graph A know

@Maxence are you saying that when the user clicks the button the two graphs should have to display in that screen?

@dilon_perera I want all in one screen but not visible at the same time.
For exemple, when the user clicks the left button, the graph A should be displayed, and if he wants to see the graph B after, he just have to click the right button and then the graph A disappears and the graph b appears

(The two buttons needs to be always visible)

Yes it’s exactly what you said in your previous message !
Do you have any idea on how to do that ?

@Maxence this is possible with Adalo

So @Maxence do like this.

I would love to know how !

In your DB create two true/false properties. Give a name to them. Like your buttons name. Then it’s easy to remember.
Eg:- I’ll type here your buttons names.
gradee clicked and non gradee clicked

Then in your gradee button set the action update logged in user gradee is true and non gradee to false.
Then in your non gradee button set the action update logged in user non gradee is true and gradee to false.

Then in your graph A set the visibility to sometimes visible if logged in user gradee is true.
Then in your graph B set the visibility to sometimes visible if logged in user non grade is true.

After you done this all steps you are done. Check is it working.

Thank you :blush:

Hi @Maxence
Are you done with this? Is everything ok? :thinking: :blush:
@Maxence Is it working what have you expected to be?

Hi again !

Thanks you so much for your help and for the trick with the database, it will be so usefull in the futur !

i have a last issue with your solution, when I click on the button that display the grap B (the one that is not display at the beginning), the page scale up and my graph doesn’t appears where i want (I’ll send a video)…
I tried fews things to fix it but nothing is working, do you have any clue ?

Here is the first step, which is perfectly as I want it to be, but when I click on the blue button, the hole page scale up and the graph appears in the middle of others elements :

Ps : when I click on the blue button at this point, the page scale down and everything is ok as before :

I hope you have already experienced this !
Have a good night and thanks again for your previous help @dilon_perera

Hi @Maxence !! :wave: :wave:

Your welcome! :blush: :blush:

So this problem happened to me also. I did this.
So you do like this. Select the graph A
( I’m putting my image) :blush:
and go to the edit styles
edit styles

and choose the fixed type bottom.


And do this for the graph B too. Then check.
For me it’s coming like this.

Thank you :blush:

I tried this before asking but it didn’t worked because the graphs are staying at the bottom of my page even when I don’t want them to be there :sweat_smile:
My page is quite big and there is lots of content before the graphs (I don’t know if I’m clear)

It not working either haha, because it means that on graph is always at the top of my page and I don’t want it …
I’ll post screens with bottom attachement, then top attachement !

Thanks @dilon_perera

Oh @Maxence then select top

For me it’s coming to the middle.

@dilon_perera Sorry i couldn’t reply because i’m knew to this forum !
I can’t do the bottom or the top trick because there is always a graph dispayed, so it appears in the middle of other elements :

Help 3

Do you have an other solution ?
Did you ever report this to the adalo team ? because for me it’s a a bug ^^

Thanks you again for your help !

It finally worked but I don’t understand why haha ^^

It seems that if two images/graph are at the exact same postion, one is glitched !

Thanks for that !

Hmm. Your Welcome @Maxence :innocent: :innocent:

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