Buttons, Positioning, Visiblity

iam getting crazy with the visibility function in adalo. Why are the buttons jumping in my case? They above each other. Shouldnt it work?

In your case I would play around between the space of the 2 buttons. every design is different so you would need to play around a bit. In your case I would put the grey button lower to increase the space between the green and grey button. You can move it down pixel by pixel until it looks perfect. Just click on the grey button and with your down arrow key on the keyboard start moving it down and previewing it until it looks perfect.

PS: Dont forget to change the size of the bottom input field to 1px and opacity 0 once your app is ready :slight_smile:

Why does it not work when both buttons are above each other? I dont understand the concept here. Can we have 2 states buttons please :smiley:

This is actually a feature request. States | Voters | Adalo

until it is completed we need to do some hacks and workarounds :slight_smile:

I made some tests and it looks like the rectangle has some influence on it for some reason. Mine worked on top of each other because it was not on top of a rectangle. Sometimes the responsive engine could act weird so it is just a case of playing around.

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