Chat button does not work


I´ve linked the button chat to the chat screen, but in the preview, when I click on it, it doesn´t work. Someone would know which could be the problem?

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Did you set any conditions?

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Thank you Dilon!
This is what I have… I don´t know if this is what you mean.


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Chat button means the message send button or there’s a button in the home screen and link to the conversations screen that shows the list of conversations the user has created?

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It’s the button placed in the home screen and link to the conversations screen, to start the conversation. It´s not like whatsapp, it’s more like you can chat with the product vendor, not with all the users registered.


So the chat button in this list is not working?

That’s exactly what’s happening

So can you send a screenshot of that button link action?

And does the button is a group or a list?

Ok, so I’ve created two buttons and modify the visibility. One of them is part of a list, the second one. Sorry, because I’ve sent you another version in the screenshot. This is the real one. And I also show you the link actions of these buttons.


@Belen I have sent a message to you :innocent:

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