Chats start button on multiple pages. Wont hide on addtion pages from where chat didnt start

Im having an issue in my app. I have a chat start button and a list button that searches for current conversations and they are grouped. When you start a new chat you click the button that creates the chat and once a chat is created that button dissappears and swaps out for the list that finds an eixisting conversation same as in the youtube viedo “ultimate chat guide” my problem is i have replicated these buttons 3 different areas of my app and hoping to link to the same conversations which it does but the create chat button is also visible on the other 2 areas where the chat wasnt created. Can any decifer what im saying? Help please

Hi @Devan,

Could you share some screenshots or a video of your setup and preview?

Thank you

Hi @Devan ,

There should be visibility for those buttons, the normal button and the make-list button, such as Count=0 for conversation that has members of login user and the current user.

For more detail, take a look at Group Chat Template in this forum.

After abit more playing a sorted it out. Thank you for reaching out and offering help! much apricated

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