Link action on list not working in preview

I have been following along with the “build an Instagram clone” tutorial video. I am currently building out the chat function. On the “user profile” screen I have one “message” button that creates a new conversation with the user who’s profile you are viewing, updates the participants and then links to the messages screen so you can send them a message. The conditional visibility is set to only show the button if a conversation with that user doesn’t already exist. That part is working perfectly. The second “message” button underneath it has been turned into a list of conversations and the custom filter is set to only show conversations where the logged in user is one of the participants. Then the click action is supposed to link to the messages screen. The list filter is working properly and the list button is displaying when it should but the link action is not happening when I click it in the preview. I have checked that the available data sources on all screens are correct. I have deleted and rebuilt/relinked the button and list many times. Accessing the messages screen from the conversations page on the my profile screen works perfectly. I also tried clicking and just waiting a long time if the preview was just super slow but that didn’t work either.

I have read some other posts about links working properly in the preview but not in published apps but I have not published yet so I can’t check to see if its working properly in a published version.

Anyone know what could be going on?

Here are the settings for the main message button

And here are the settings for the list button

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You should flip the logic on your conversation list.

It shouldn’t be current user’s conversations. It should be logged-in user conversations where participants contains current user.

Edit: I just watched the tutorial. @pford I think the logic needs to be reworked a little bit. The filter should be logged-in user conversations instead of current user conversations. I’ve had a few chats with @Victor about the ways that lists load data and how they can potentially lead to exposing records to unwanted users.

Gotta be super careful of the way you load the lists.

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I have switched the logic but the link action still isn’t working. Any other ideas about what could be tripping me up?

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