ChatApp scrolls to bottom

When creating a chat app, if you arrange the chats from top to bottom, you can see the latest messages at the bottom. However, every time I come to the chat screen several times, the top message is displayed, so I want a function that automatically scrolls to the bottom. Is there any method that can be implemented at present?

Hi, unfortunately there is no way to do this with Adalo at the moment. It would be great if adalo could do this so it may be worth you adding it as a feature request which you can do here :slight_smile:

Not really @crmorris2. There is a solution witch is to mark reverse-scroll option as seen in the screenshot


Just enable Reverse-scroll option (open EDIT STYLE) for the “chat-room” screen.
It will force the list to go all the way down. Big list of messages get weird animation but… that’s the solution right now.


Well you learn something new every day. I never noticed or used that before. Thanks for the tip :grinning:


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