Scrolling to bottom of chat lists

How do I make a list automatically scrolls to the last message that was sent. and I want to make it so when someone posts a new message it updates the list and scrolls to the last message

I don’t think this is available right now.

Do you think this feature may come soon cause without it i don’t know how to make a chat app with a decently long conversation

By last message do you mean “last sent message”?

If you want a chat app that’s already prebuilt you can check out this template made by Adalo.

actually they figured out how to do it in the app you sent me. I’m going to try to figure out why theirs works then get back to you

No problem! Take your time! :slight_smile:

This is honestly a mystery to me how the send button has no actions attributed to it on the app you sent me yet it creates a new message and updates the chat log to the bottom. why is this happening?

If you click on “icon” you’ll see all the actions. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. In the demo app mentioned above the chat works nicely and scrolls to the last message. But on my own chat screen I have to scroll down, if i want to see the last message.


You can fix this by selecting the entire screen, opening Edit Styles, then making sure Reverse Scroll is checked.

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