Chat scrolling issue

Hi, I am almost done on the chat app with auto-update on the chat history, but how do I make it so after adding new message, it will auto-scroll all the way to the top of the mobile device? Currently, it will update the data, but I need to manually scroll all the way to the top screen to see the new message. Please advise. Thank you.

Just reverse the chat flow by selecting the sort option. That way, the new message will be near the typing box and not on top of the screen…and obviously your users won’t have to scroll up.

Greatly appreciated and it works very well! Thank you!!!

Hi, i created a chat app but my chat screen does not update new message until i go back-forward again. I also added the option “Auto update …” on chat list but nothing

There currently is a bug in the auto-refresh feature. We are working towards a fix.

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