ChatGPT Custom Action Missing

Hey All,

I have been using the ChatGPT custom action for many of my apps with the “Traditional” setup. Recently, I started exploring the new “Responsive” App option and noticed that the Custom Action for “Ask ChatGPT” is missing. Is there another way to access this function that I might be overlooking? Or do Responsive apps require us to make manual API calls to OpenAI? I observed that the API key is still available in the responsive app.

I’ve searched online, checked the forum, and looked through Adalo resources, but I haven’t found any mention of it.

Hello, you can use the (ChatGPT Response) component in the marketplace.

Thank you!

Interesting. Figured it out. The default AskGPT function shows up as a secondary action. I needed to use an action to create an item in a collection then the AskGPT function showed up after.

I’ve been testing the ChatGPT Response component all day and the responses haven’t been as colorful as I expected. I’m using a similarly worded prompt as I use when testing on ChatGPT directly, but all the color is taken out. When I looked at my usage on OpenAI, it only lists Instruct.GPT as having been called. From my limited understanding, the language approach is different in Instruct.GPT than ChatGPT.

Is it possible that the marketplace Response component isn’t calling ChatGPT but is calling Instruct.GPT instead?