ChatGPT Custom Action Missing

Hey All,

I have been using the ChatGPT custom action for many of my apps with the “Traditional” setup. Recently, I started exploring the new “Responsive” App option and noticed that the Custom Action for “Ask ChatGPT” is missing. Is there another way to access this function that I might be overlooking? Or do Responsive apps require us to make manual API calls to OpenAI? I observed that the API key is still available in the responsive app.

I’ve searched online, checked the forum, and looked through Adalo resources, but I haven’t found any mention of it.

Hello, you can use the (ChatGPT Response) component in the marketplace.

Thank you!

Interesting. Figured it out. The default AskGPT function shows up as a secondary action. I needed to use an action to create an item in a collection then the AskGPT function showed up after.