Check if date input is during business hours

I am working with the Ordering app and trying to set it so that people can only order food during the hours of 11am - 8pm. I have looked at working with Unix time codes but I can’t figure out how to evaluate only the hour of the day that comes with the date input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @bbednar,

The easiest way I’ve seen this done is to have a collection of available dates/times (easy to put together in excel, download in CSV, then upload to Adalo) and have the user pick from the list.

You can’t filter to only an hour with UNIX timestamps, as it’ll only work for a single day.


With the new side scrolling list that came out yesterday you could have select times in that list that fill out a form with that time in it.

You could ad a timestamp to every button pressed in your app and have that check against operation hours and if less that or greater than put text.

@bbednar See: How to calculate with days and minutes, especially the link Activate the purchasing services according to the opening hours: morning and afternoon

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The business is closed on sunday, any idea how to check if a date is a Sunday or not?

See How to derive weekdays from a date

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