Check-in and check-out how to do?

check-in and check-out how to do?

hello everyone, I want to make for my application such a scheme for Apartment Bookings. How can I do that? can you integrate such a calendar? I also want the one who rents an apartment to have access to the calendar and be able to close dates if already booked

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Hello, in adalo everything is possible, I am putting together a reservation template so that they can have it as a clone.

You can do it in several ways with date pikers or by buying the nocodemonkey component, I have it and use it a lot!

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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. you know, I also use the monkey’s marked calendar, but I could not select many dates there, I can only select one date there one day and not two or more, or is it possible?

You must mark one date at a time… if the reservation is for 5 days you must mark all 5 days and not the initial and final days, but ALL… I can help you prepare the app… Dm for prices in case you want me to let’s do it!

I already have it working now for 1 day, I can make changes in the database, how can I set up a calendar and link the database so that I can select many days at once? I can try to understand text or photo or video how to do it I will be grateful to you

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