📅 NEW TEMPLATE: BOOKING APP like airbnb (different prices per day, multiple reservation days and more)

Do you have a rental business? This template is the one for you."

App developed mobile version, user and administrator panel… adaptable for marketplace (whoever buys the template must adapt it or we can help them)

On the home page you can search by name or you can sort from lowest to highest or highest to lowest price.

The user can search by category, price range, locations (Google map), number of rooms and bathrooms.

When entering a property, the user can see its photos (swipe system), see the rating, add it to the favorites list, see its available days and see the days that have special prices (more expensive or cheaper).

When you start the reservation and select the days, you will be able to see how many days you have in total and the price to pay!

Once the reservation is generated, the administrator must accept or reject it (activate notifications), if it is accepted, you can make the payment by stripe or the administrator can adapt it in his own way.

It has a modern, elegant, clean and minimalist design.

Integrations with whatsapp to communicate with the user and the owner.

Component to use: MARKING CALENDAR
Use this template and start earning money with your reservations!

:fire: Special promo for the first 5 and Watch the video how it works in the link

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I would like to thank Santiago who is a nocode genius and who is above all a great person who is attentive and super nice. I advise everyone to buy his products without hesitation.

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you are awesome. How can this be installed in my Adalo account? does the calendar support the same languages ​​as adalo?

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It is the marking calendar of Monkey that is in the Adalo market. … in the link when ordering, the clone is sent to the mail so that they can edit in their own way!

Hi is this project template is still available i want one template , how can i get by the way the template

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Hello, how are you, yes… you can find the templates in the link CLICK TO THE TEMPLATE

Does this app allow people to post their properties? And also, can the individual properties be shared across the web somehow. For example if a user sees a property can they send a link to their friend VIA text or email to share it with them?

Hello, how are you, with pwa yes you can make a link through the Java component, we did it for a ticket sales app, the user has a url that is the name of the brand and the id that adalo generated for him in the database … automatically when entering the system detects that id and takes you to your page.

And with respect to each user posting: Of course, that’s a marketplace, you must edit the template and add the option.

I remind you that a template is the basic functions of an application but it does not always have everything your project needs, that is why you must add functions to it. The templates make you have a fast, functional app and save time and money.

If you need I can make you a budget on the development of the app

How much would it be to create such a project? The form, and the links?

Hi … sorry the delay … send me a whatsapp to +595984636313 o somoskurepa@gmail.com