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Hi all,

Like many shopping apps, a user will select an individual item, add it to cart, and when ready, process her/his cart with all the included items.

I am struggling to create an order, that contains a list of random objects (items) added overtime to this cart for a bulk check out experience. Currently, all video tutorials only lead to a single object checkout experience or a checkout experience tailored for brands or restaurants. This is the original tutorial here: Ordering & Payments with Adalo - YouTube.

Again, the video shows you how to create a cart and to fill that cart with “menu items” from a single restaurant. My goal is to create a shopping experience that allows you to add “many” items into a cart and to process all of these items at once.

Hopefully, this makes sense for anyone who has designed a checkout experience in a shopping app?

You can copy the app, and learn from it!

Also welcome to adalo!

I’ve been using Adalo for a long time, this particular app doesn’t have what I need. Thank you though.

In adding cart to fill up you have to a relationship from user to another database of your name choice, maybe items, and make sure that user chooses many items, also you add cart icon on whatever you want, make it link to another page with list of items, and to show much you added into the cart use “Logged In user> Item>Count”

Actually I revoke my primary comment. While this particular app doesn’t help, there is an app in the template marketplace that is useful. I rescind and thank you for the hidden wisdom!

No problem, make sure to learn from template, because that’s going to help your future within adalo!

Good lucks with your app, and make sure to ask questions [If you don’t see the topic sent before]

I believe there is a template for just what you want! Press “clone it” to clone the eCommerce app and you could play around with it!

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