Choose value from a List not from the default drop down?

How can we achieve a list of value picker from a different screen not from the default selection drop down lists. Lets say we have a very simple database:

1.) Users (email, password)
2.) Items (name, article number)
3.) UserItems (user, item)

User 1:n UserItems

The user can buy items, these items are stored in the UserItem collection. He must choose the item from a huge list of 10.000 items. That is not practicable with the normal drop down selection from Adalo out of the box.

The user should go to a screen where he can search of an item, pick that item and the selected item should be returned to the UserItem screen.

At the moment I can only imagine to build an item collection with unique keys for every item. Is there a better way?

That sounds a lot like when a user wants to favourite items.

Adalo has a guide that might help your case. You can read it here.

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Hey there @RonDeveloper

Is the items collection an external collection where you’re searching with a query parameter?

Yes, it will be in a second step an API query to But the answer from @charleshope (may thanks!) was what I’m looking for the first step with the build in Adalo database.

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