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This should be a simple question but hoping for a detailed explanation since I’m still new to adalo. I’m wanting to have the user select a number from a dropdown, click up and down arrows or type in the number they desire if the number is too high to scroll or click to. The range can be infinite since I don’t know what quantity the user will choose. In the past I created a drop down menu with 0-60 in the records (to select seconds or minutes) but that seems inefficient in this case since I can’t create a collection with numbers 0-1,000,000,000(e.g.)

I did not find a menu or dropdown menu like this in adalo but found something like it in the MarketPlace but it was only a click up and down feature, is this my best option?

It seems as though I saw this feature on a Youtube video with an up and down button to increase and decrease a number value. I couldn’t find that video again and they never explained how they created it but it looked like it was a built-in adalo feature.

Can somebody please explain if this is something adalo can do and how its done in regards to the database and filters and actions, or if this is only a feature I can purchase from marketplace and how that would be set up.

Hi @emils ,

Have 3 text input and assign the type as number.

The first is visible to get user input
The second is invisible, set initial value to be first-1
The third is invisible too, set initial value to be first+1

Thank you for the input, I’m not sure I understand what this will do. Is there a database to set up for it, what are the actions and buttons associated?

No database involved.

on button (+) put action, change input value first with third
on button (-), put action, change input value first with second

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Thank you to everybody for your help. I found this video on Youtube from @Victor which was very helpful! The only problem is I could only get this feature to work with an update action and it would not let me update any other collection besides the logged in user, so it only worked for me when the property was in the users collection. Any suggestions for this?

Also, Is there a way to add a drop down menu to select a number without creating a database full of numbers?

Hi @emils,

To start with: a “dropdown” element in Adalo requires a list to function (it is a kind of a “list” element by itself). So if you would like to have numbers displayed in a dropdown, you must attach it to some collection. Of course this doesn’t make a lot of sense if you’d like to have a range 1 - 1,000,000 :slight_smile:

You can add + / - buttons and increase / decrease values with them. One approach is to store the temporary value in Users collection (which is always available). Another approach is to use 2 additional inputs.
@Yongki great idea, thank you very much - I’ve made a video explaining it: Adalo tricks: how to add /substract value in the input with buttons and other inputs. - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.

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Hello, I watched your videos on YouTube about the countdown timer, but did not fully understand. I made a checkout and display the checkout in the “list” and added a countdown timer to the list. But I can’t figure out how to set up the countdown to start when the application is left, so that the timer counts down continuously from the moment the application is left.

Здравствуйте, смотрел ваши видео на YT про таймер обратного отчета но не понял до конца как его настраивать. Я сделал форму оставления заказа и отображение оставленного заказа в списке (list) и таймер начинает отсчет каждый раз когда я перехожу на страницу списка. Не могу понять, как настроить отчет таймера с момента оставления заявки, чтобы время шло непрерывно до истечения. + как настроить чтобы таймер присваивался каждому заказу отдельно и в списке отображались заказы с разной длительностью окончания. Спасибо!

Thank you @Victor and @Yongki. This is exactly what I needed and the video showed me how to work the actions of changing values and working with formulas. One more quick question, how do I change the visibility to invisible? When I go to ‘change visibility,’ it only gives me the ‘sometimes visible’ option.

Hi @emils,

There is no “invisible” setting per se for screen elements in Adalo. If you would like to hide element forever, you can set the condition in “sometime visible” in a way that it will never be true (smth like if 1 = 2).
However, if you would like to make the 2 inputs invisible, you should not use “sometimes visible” setting. When element disappears from the screen, the app can’t get any data from it.

So if you would like to hide the inputs, make them small and change the color to white/transparent.
As another option, you can put these inputs to a completely separate screen and access them via “All Screens” → screen name → Input name.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hello @mykyta1900,

Welcome to the forum!

The timer is not running when the app is closed; countdown timer is executed on the user side, not on the server side.
If you would like to have something executed using a schedule on the server side, you will need to use some 3rd party platform like Make, Xano, etc.
If you would like to have something like an “expiration time” for your shopping cart - e.g. after creating the cart and adding the item user should checkout within 30 minutes - then you can do something like:

  • add datetime property “Expiration” to Carts collection
  • when creating the cart, set this property to “Current time” + (1 / 24 / 2 ) ← datetime is stored in days, one day divided by 24 hours by 2 wil result in 30 mins, so your Expiration will be now+30 mins
  • set the Countdown timer to (Expiration - Current Time) * 86400
    I might be missing some minor details here but as a result you should have a timer which always show the number of minutes+seconds left before cart expiration. Maybe you will need to add an extra property to store “seconds left” - calculate it first, and then use it to set the timer.
    You can see some of the principles here: Adalo Mini-App series: CountDown Timer Pause and Continue - YouTube

An important note: next time please create a new topic when you ask a question, which is not related to the original one.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you very much, applied what you described, it solved my problem!

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