Creating a set of items based on user selection

I need help with an issue.

I am making a travel packing checklist for my first project with Adalo.

We have trips → activities → items for those activities

The user creates a trip with a city name, then chooses the activities they are going to do. Based on selected activities, items should be added to a collection with the related activity and trip.

I have a reference database for items and related activities.

The reason I wanna copy the items in a new collection is that for each trip the items have true or false value for packed or not. So it is specific.

I can’t find a way to create the list of underlying items based on the user’s selected activities. And also set the packed value to true.

Can anyone help me with that?

Hey there @mansour.norouzi

I’ve made a tutorial for this type of scenario previously:

My example is users add a website that has a list of tasks. You can use this tutorial for when users select activities with a list of items.