Choosing the right colors for your app. It's all about the mood

Can you tell which side is the color palette and which isn’t?

If you want your app to be “more pro looking”, start with using color palettes (5-7 max). You’ll be shocked at how basic something is but how powerful it can effect someone’s actions within your apps.

Choosing colors is easy. To be honest, I really like the right side and it’s what’s actually in the live app right now. But, I’m improving upon it and replacing it with the left side color palette I made. Never get discouraged about design, ship what you like. We can always update it :stuck_out_tongue:

Effecting moods with colors is the hard part. It’s like movies, each scene’s color grading is meant to bring out the mood of what you’re seeing. The same concept goes into app / web design as well.

Hopefully this helps anyone struggling with color design. The best place to go from here is to google color palettes and your journey will start there :smiley:


This is a color palette. You can see how the mood between the colors collaborate each other.

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Colours are indeed an essential part of any business/app/software.

I’ll add this tool here:

It makes it super easy to select your colour palette.

And this as well:

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That’s an awesome website for palettes for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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