Feedback for my Application

Hello I am an accountant and I created an app for my accounting business. And I wanted feedback from 10 people on my app before I release it.

Here is the questions I would like you to answer only:

  1. Do you like the color scheme?

  2. Was it easy to use?

  3. Confused during signup or anytime during app (felt like you knew where to go within the app and was able to find things and knew what each logo was for without being told)

  4. Like the logo

Unless you intend to only target a female audience, then the color scheme is ok. The only color that I see in the color scheme that does not match well is the peach in the logo. It doesn’t match the dark pink in the logo nor the light pink of the app’s elements. I think if you simply switch the peach to one of the pinks used on the app, it would look more unified.


When first signing up, the user is directed to the “about us” screen first and the bottom app bar looks like the user is already on the services page. Simply fix the bottom bar to include the about us screen and highlight that one is the one they are on.
When a user selects the service then clicks the book appointment button, the input field should be pre-filled with the item they’ve selected, rather than having to type it in again after already making their selection.

Also, I think it’s great to have a picture of yourself on the about us screen also, but maybe make it look more like an avatar rather than a full image and put your name next to it.

Not really. Too much going on with colors that don’t blend well.

Thank you so much. I was trying to find a peach color for my app but couldn’t find it so that why there is too different pink one in my app an done in my logo. Also how would I put tax Preparation or bookkeeping in the box when they select it I am not a tech person and don’t know what I am doing

Use an eyedropper tool on the peach color in your logo to get the exact same peach you use. I think the peach would be more user-friendly also rather than the pink.

Set an action on the book services buttons to change the input value on the scheduling screen to the name of the service.

Ok thank you. But when you are on the services page it takes ypu to the dyails page about the service. So when they click book apppointment that is where i need to to change the action. I will try to do that and see if it works.

Yes, that’s the button that I’m referring to. The button on the service details page. “Change input value” is the action and go to the other screens, book appointment screen, then that input field, set that one to the name of the service from the details page.

Ok I will try that. Thank you so much

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Hello I added the about us icon the app bar at the bottom of the about us page but its not highlighting How do I do that

Nevermind I figure it out nkw the icon is highlighted

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@Flawless So I had change the input value on the services detail page I have Bookkeeping as value. Was therr anything I was supposeed to put as input.
Also for the book appoiny screen on the requested service do I put something under placeholder.

@Flawless Hello Adalo doesn’t have the pick color tool so I am not able to do that but I went through and found some peach tones similar to my logo but dont know which one to use.

The peach in your logo, using a regular eye dropper tool, reveals to be hex color code: #fe9a99

In order to do that you wouldn’t be able to use the form.

You would have to use a regular input field, date/time picker, and a button instead of a form to be able to make that happen on the book appointments screen.

@Flawless can you create a video showing me how to do that

@Flawless what I use was the book appointments template on adalo and all they have was just the date for book appointment so should i get rid of the requested service field or keep it

Simply remove the form that creates the appointment. Instead of using the form, drop a regular “Input” component, a “Date/Time” picker component, and a button. When the button is clicked add an action to create an appointment and then use magic text to link the input field to the appointment name, and the date/time picker input to fill the date parameter of the appointment.

For better UX, I say you should probably not have that requested service field there in the first place, but you’ll still need to determine which service the person is booking an appointment for.

So that brings up some questions.
Are the service details screens populated with information from a service collection? Or are the 2 services both separate screens?

If you have them prepopulated from a service collection via magic text, then when the button is clicked on the service details screen, it should be passing the current service to the next screen. If that’s the case, use a text component instead of an input component and display the current service in the text component.

If you have them on separate screens, you’ll have to create separate booking screens for each service.

Thank you so much I wiill try it out tomorrow when I get a chance

Yes there is a type of service collection and there is 2 in there (tax preparation, bookkeeping)

Both services have its own services details screen with the book appointment button on it

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