Clear Cache for List display

Hello !

I try to make a basic search engine to display TV show.
The user can type a name… It calls the TVMaze API … and display Picture of corresponding shows.
If the user type another Name (after a First search) … The List displays firt the old picture and then refresh.

=> Is there a way to avoid this unpleasant display experience and clear the cache before displaying the results ?

Here is a video to show the problem.

thanks for your help !


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As you say this is because the cache still has the old data. Arguably this is better than having a blank screen which would happen if you could clear the cache.

A solution would be to put a spinner overlay using the countdown component that shows for a second or two and then when it disappears you have the correct screen underneath.

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Thanks for your answer and advise.
I’ll try this solution in my project.

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